This blog is a collaborative blog. We encourage contributions from everyone!

This website was born from all the sitting, the waiting, the downtime of in-between ridesharing as a driver for Lyft. The founder and creator, Eam begun writing her thoughts on paper and filled an entire notebook with ideas and reflections. She also discovered while researching about ridesharing that there aren’t enough information out there available especially for women drivers.

The goal of this website it to fill that void. Most of our writers are women writing for women with the thought of helping them navigate the intricacy of ridesharing and driving for the so-called Transportation Network Companies or TNCs. While our focus is on women drivers, it goes without saying that this website is FOR EVERYONE!


We welcome contributions from male drivers as well as drivers from the LGBT community. Let’s foster camaraderie and disseminate useful information we can apply and use.


While this website is also geared towards newbies like us on the field, veteran drivers may still learn a thing or two from us! Different scenarios, different situations, different backgrounds… different strokes for different folks- let’s learn from each other! This is for anyone researching what the process is to start driving. What is the difference between Lyft and Uber? This is for the one asking: Is it right for me? or What can I do to protect myself on the road? How can I get or maintain a five-star rating? These are actual questions one would google. While the online forums help, the information you need if you could find it, is buried under layers of threads. Three hours later, you are still looking for answers…


This is for anyone looking for a sense of community. We can be online neighbors exchanging occasional gossips and recipes. Most importanly, we could share each other’s frustrations and joys on ridesharing. Sharing is caring.

If you feel like it, share your story as a rider or driver. Start by creating a DriverProfile and send it in. If you have the extra time, become a regular contributor and ask about our small ‘perks’. Drop us a note and let’s help each other out!

DoNotFeedTrollWhat we’re NOT:

  1. We are not experts in the field. We do not claim to be experts. Our writings are based on our personal experiences which may not be the same as yours. If you find anything lacking or insufficient in our posts, don’t hesitate to send us your thoughts. We’re here to exchange and share ideas.
  2. We are not troll feeders. We will not tolerate posts or comments that incite discord and animosity. Let’s keep the internet peaceful.

We rely on the community of riders and drivers to keep us alive and going.

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In whatever form you choose, we are deeply grateful. Thank you for being a part of werideshare.org.



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